Saturday, December 10, 2005

Rafting Honduras, Rio Cangrejal

Photos of Ziploc, by Jezza and Greg.

Hello, well I have got around to attaching some more photos to this blog. These photos have been taken over the past couple of months of rafting and boating on the Rio Cangrejal. What a great place.
Photos Of Upper Run by Greg

Having spent last winter down here and then coming back down for another season has been good. We, a couple of Kiwi boys and me, have been doing more rafting trips on the upper section which hosts 5 class 5`s and 8 class 4`s with a host of other rapids. Warm water and huge granite boulders and short rafts make it loads of fun.

This season we have also had a few floods when the river becomes unraftable and unkayakable, except for the lower section. See above photo for A picture of one of the massive holes (taken by Jezza). We have now had sun for the past two weeks so we are again hoping for rain. To bring the river back up and smiles on are faces. If interested in this great river check out Other than that enjoy every day and play safe on the water.

Friday, November 25, 2005

The ghost of mitch

Well, Life has been interesting for the past little while. Honduras on the North Coast got hit by a walloping amount of rain recently. As we found out this week, after a week of no power, was the Rio Cangrejal valley road was washed out. This was quickly fixed due to the impending elections. Numerous landslides, six bridges washed out around the north and MASSIVELY flooded rivers. Ours was cool to look at. No Boating. This was because some of the hydralicus were burying 20ft to 40ft high rocks. Some big waves, but ugly runouts. Jezza and myself, have scouted out the Rio la Marian which looks awesome. Hope to do that this week with the sun out. Rafting is getting busy again. Had two trips in the last two days. Good to be back on the river and playing in the little rafts. Lots of surfing in the 12fters. Upper trips and some new rafting rivers to look forward to. Honduras rocks.

Monday, October 31, 2005



Well now I have been down in Honduras for a month living at Omega Tours on the banks of the Rio Cangrejal. Living in the rain forest is good fun. There is always something interesting going on. Plants blooming, spiders making webs, bird spirders chasing birds, praticing spanish with the locals and of course the river. Have had quite a few trips down the river. Had a couple of flips and swims. Good fun at times and happen easily using the 11.5ft rafts. I hope to attach some photos soon but having troubles using the system down here.
We get a lot rain down here and we recently had a heck of alot of it. A tropicl storm depression came through and rasied the river level almost 8-9 meters in places. Tomorrow is the first rafting trip back on the water and we are thinking a lot of the river will be changed. Some of the waves and holes were pretty impressive. Same with where are jump rock used to be and the waterfall was created.
The river is now dropping again, the sun is shining a bit and only one night without power, during which we played huge games of monopoly, life is grand and beer is still less than a dollar.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Sunflowers..... They always seem to bring a smile to my face. I recently got a Canon 20D Digital SLR, so I am trying it out. These photos on Sunflowers are some of the first ones I took. They are from a friends backyard. All ot them were taken at ISO 400. I have touched them up a little bit to bring out a bit more of the color. Hope they bring a smile to your day as well.

Photos By David Prothero

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Canada West Paddle Surf Fest 2005

Tim & Dave with Canoe

Well it has been a busy past few weeks. Driving down to pick up my playboat near Seattle in my little car, which I was a bit nervous about, though some how it came through, after finishing up in Whistler. Visiting with one of my sisters in Vancouver. Then back to Vancouver Island where I worked for a friend to frame up a 4000sq foot house for a couple of weeks.
This coming week, I am off back down to Honduras for a few months to hang out at Omega Tours, see company links.
This past weekend, however was 4th year that the Vancouver Island Whitewater Paddling society has hosted the surf festival out in Cox Bay, near Tofino on the island's west coast. You can check out more info/photos of the event at or at This year there were around 62 competitors in a number of different events. A few people even took out single and double open canoes into the surf which equaled quite a few swims. The day ended off in Tofino with a dinner, prize giving, slide shows, a raffle and a good band from Nanaimo. A good chance to catch up with friends from all over. If you are in the area next year it is worth checking out for sure.

Photos By David Prothero

Canoe Photos By Mike McCulloch

Whistler Summer!

After a winter in Honduras, I came back to Canada with a job at Wedge Rafting working as both a safety kayker and raft guide. During the summer I worked on four different rivers. The Green, and Birkenhead being the main two early in the season, with the Lower Checkamus and Elaho-Squamish kicking in later in the season.
The nice thing about rafting in Whistler is that there are a soild amount of quality creeks and rivers close by for kayaking. The Callaghan, Lower Green, Rutherford, Soo,and the Upper Checkamus were all close enough to do some before or after work paddling. This year was also the second year of the Whistler Creek Cup which takes place on the Upper Check, the Soo, and the Callaghan. For more info on the race check out All and all it was a sweet summer with lots of paddling, and rafting. Look forward to doing it again next year!

Photos By Jody care of Wedge Rafting

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Play on the Puntledge

This is a bit of old news. These are a couple of photos from the Middle Puntledge river, in Courtenay on Vancouver Island. These were taken in the end of April this year. There is a series of three waves at the start of the middle section. When the river is at 100-120cms they are fun to play around on. The other nice thing is if you live in town they are less then 15mins from your house.......that also includes a stop to pick up your coffes from the Grind.
Paddler: David Prothero Photos by: Al Dumas

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Rafting in Honduras on the Rio Cangrejal on the border of Pico Binto National Park.