Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rivers of Vancouver Island

Gordon river bay, west coast, Vancouver Island.

This is a bit longer version of the other video I put on my blog a little while back.

It covers a brief bit of 13 different rivers on Vancouver Island from the north around Sayward down to Cowichan and out toward Bamfield. These are just short sections. The whole video being less than ten minutes in length. There are still shots from other rivers and creeks on the island, these include the Heber, Ucona, Gordon, Cameron and Copper Conyon of the Chemanius river.

To get to the video please see

Enjoy the photos here of some other spots on the island.

The middle Gordon river, Shayne Vollmers droppin in.

Tim sneaking on the upper Gordon.

Author on the first drop of Stotan Falls, Puntledge River. Photo by Shayne.

Switching boats, Top section creek boats, bottom section play, puntledge river.

Shayne Vollmers, playing it up. Puntledge river.

Jan Dettmer, Cameron river.

Joe Box, Falls on the White river.

Jakub Drnec, first drop on the Ucona river.

Peppi, running the last drop of the double on the Ucona river.

Shayne Vollmers in the midist of the canyon on the Heber river.

Photos by David Prothero.