Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fall Time Paddling, Vancouver Island.

Two weeks ago we had a bit of rain on the Island. It was warm, so the rivers picked up with lots of water. The Puntledge was having a release due to this and it's main tributary was running as well. A number of paddlers were in the area from Victoria, the Valley, Nanaimo, Europe and NZ.

I am still not paddling at this point but hope to be next year. I went out just to do some photography. The fall colours were beautiful and the river was at a nice level.

A few of the kayakers were keen to paddle the falls on the Browns, it is an interesting 12-15ft drop with a few different lines. The right line was a bit boxed in by a tree, the far left line is shallow in a couple of places. They decided on the middle line, Gord, Gillian, and Todd, had nice lines down the middle. The others were running safety and scoping out how it went for them. Tyler then headed up to run the drop next. Unfortunately things didn't go quite as well for him.

Tyler came off the top went a bit further to the left and ended up back under the drop. Apparently there is a rock back there as well, because that messed up a couple of his roll attempts. He ended up swimming, with Gord off chasing his boat.

Tyler was throw-bagged in, and Gord had got the boat stuck on some rocks out in the middle of the river. After a half hour or so the boat and paddler were reunited and they paddled off down to the confluence with the Puntledge. From there many play waves waited. I was able to connect with them for some shots on the lovely tarp and play wave. If you come to Vancouver Island in the early summer try to connect with the Puntledge Festival when BC Hydro releases 100cms for two days.

Fall time has arrived.

Checking the Level, also good to look here.

Short hike in from the parked car.
Heading to the put in.

Gord playing on a small hole near the put in on the Browns.
Gord and Gillian paddling down the Browns.
The boys look as Gord huck's off the drop.
Gord dropping in.

Arising from the deep.

Todd smooth sailing down the middle line.

Gillian cruising down the middle of the Browns Falls.

Tyler happy to find the boat stuck and not floating off down the river somewhere.

Gord with his catch.

Getting a rope out to the rock so we can pull the boat in.


Tarp and Play, Puntledge River.

Gillian throwing ends.

Carrie surfing it up.

Such a nice spot, Gord tearing it up.

Todd enjoying his Jackson 4Fun.