Saturday, January 20, 2007

Landsbourough River, Take 3

The view from camp on day 1, Mt Deacon on the left.

Had another opportunity to get out on the Landsbourough. This time rowing the gear boat down. Had a group of four guys from the South Island of NZ come out. The level was about the same as the last time I was there and we had great weather, except for one night of rain. Had a longer Heli flight in from Makarora this time. Some nice looking creeks in this area. Would be great to spend some more time in this area.
Enjoy the Photos.

The boys about to take the yellow plane out of Makarora.

Heli Shuttle.
Fire going and rafts ready for the next day on the water.

Wizz and boys coming through the Squezze rapid.

In the midst of it all.

Paul Button coming through the bottom of Squezze Rapid.
Coming through Landslide Rapid.
After a day on the river, nothing better than some wine and food to relax.

Rafts on bank of river, day 2.

View of water fall on small hike, day 3.
V falls on small side hike.

Dual waterfalls near top of side hike.

Looking up toward Mt. Hooker in the Landsbourough Valley.

Photos by David Prothero