Friday, November 25, 2005

The ghost of mitch

Well, Life has been interesting for the past little while. Honduras on the North Coast got hit by a walloping amount of rain recently. As we found out this week, after a week of no power, was the Rio Cangrejal valley road was washed out. This was quickly fixed due to the impending elections. Numerous landslides, six bridges washed out around the north and MASSIVELY flooded rivers. Ours was cool to look at. No Boating. This was because some of the hydralicus were burying 20ft to 40ft high rocks. Some big waves, but ugly runouts. Jezza and myself, have scouted out the Rio la Marian which looks awesome. Hope to do that this week with the sun out. Rafting is getting busy again. Had two trips in the last two days. Good to be back on the river and playing in the little rafts. Lots of surfing in the 12fters. Upper trips and some new rafting rivers to look forward to. Honduras rocks.