Monday, October 31, 2005



Well now I have been down in Honduras for a month living at Omega Tours on the banks of the Rio Cangrejal. Living in the rain forest is good fun. There is always something interesting going on. Plants blooming, spiders making webs, bird spirders chasing birds, praticing spanish with the locals and of course the river. Have had quite a few trips down the river. Had a couple of flips and swims. Good fun at times and happen easily using the 11.5ft rafts. I hope to attach some photos soon but having troubles using the system down here.
We get a lot rain down here and we recently had a heck of alot of it. A tropicl storm depression came through and rasied the river level almost 8-9 meters in places. Tomorrow is the first rafting trip back on the water and we are thinking a lot of the river will be changed. Some of the waves and holes were pretty impressive. Same with where are jump rock used to be and the waterfall was created.
The river is now dropping again, the sun is shining a bit and only one night without power, during which we played huge games of monopoly, life is grand and beer is still less than a dollar.