Monday, December 18, 2006

Shotover River; Cascade Rapid,NZ

The Shotover river ends with a bang. After exiting the Oxenbridge tunnel, which is 170m long and took the Oxenbridge family three years to build, you have a couple of seconds before you hit the pillow off the river right wall and and shoot down through the guts of the hole at the bottom. If you get it right you don't get to wet at the bottom. Heaps of fun for the safety kayakers.

Simon Moreland and myself setting up for Cascade after going through the tunnel.

Bracing off the pillow on river right.

Setting up in the middle.

Hitting the hole at the bottom.

Coming clean on the other side. Heading for the takeout and a good cup of coffee. All in a hard days work.

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Jonathan McRay said...

Hey Dave
I don't know if you remember me, but in late October a few friends of mine and I rafted down the Shotover River with you and a guy named Morgan from Sweden. We had been studying in Australia for the semester and were traveling through the South Island for a week. It was quite an experience going down that beautiful river. You have a great blog and some awesome pictures. I found the card you gave me with your info on it and I finally found a chance to check it out. Appreciate the guidance down Shotover. Maybe I'll run into in another country rafting, like Morocco (which I think was your next destination). Take care, man.

John McRay

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