Monday, February 26, 2007

Milford, and The Hollyford River, NZ

Mitre Peak, Milford Sound

With it being my last week in NZ, Paul and me headed over to Milford Sound and the Hollyford river. What a great place, Milford's amazing walls that form the fjords and waterfalls that dance down them are just unbelievable.
The same goes for the Hollyford river. Running along the Darrin mountain ranges it is a beautiful river. Lots of nice rapids and a couple of mandatory portages in the falls and Marion creek sections that we did. It was pretty low but still had enough to get down. First time I had really taking my new SCUD out for a creek. Good times. Hung out at Gunns camp which would be a great place to stay and hang out for a couple of days.
Good place to get in my last river on this trip.

Paul on the Falls creek section, Hollyford river.

A nice one, Falls creek section, Hollyford river.

Dave in the middle of Marion creek section, Hollyford river. Photo by Paul.
H-Bomb at Gunns camp, take out for the Marion Creek section.
Photos by David Prothero


Danny said...

Nice one Dave, good to see your getting some good stuff done. I've been back in the UK for 7 weeks now and haven't been out boating once. Hope the sumer is good over there.


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