Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nayar River, India

The ride that got Bishnu and myself to the Put in.

A couple of weeks ago Bishnu and myself hit up one of the tributaries of the Ganges near Rishikesh. It was running a bit low but it was float able and made a nice change from the larger Ganges River.
We drove 15kms up river from town. Arriving at Bijni we proceeded down to the river though the village, a word I use loosely as there were four houses. From the put in we found a few grade 2-3 rapids that would be a bit more fun with 2-3ft more water in them. That is for another time.

Just before the walk down to the Put in. Chilling in the sun.

Bishnu doing a Pooja on the boats before we head down stream.

The good luck of the incense and coconut.

Local fisherman on the river.

Bishnu boofing in one of the small rapids.

On one of the longer ones.

Cruising under the bridge just before the confluence with the Ganges River. Photo by Bishnu.

Bishnu heading over to the Ganges.

Downtown Rishikesh transport back to the rafting shed. Tuk Tuks rule.

Photos by David Prothero.

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