Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Brahmaputra River, Northeast India.

The Brahmaputra River or the Siang river as it is called in Arunachal Pradesh.

The drive to the Put in.

I first heard of this river when I worked with Kim Hartlin at my first rafting job on the Bow river in Banff, AB. I continued rafting and cooking in a variety of locations over the years, then I read an article in 2002 in Paddler of the first commercial trip down the river that Aquaterra had run.
5 years later I got on to a trip as a guide. What a great river. Beautiful scenery, huge rapids, big sandy beaches, camp fires and excellent food.
Just an interesting experience getting to the river. Flying into Dibrugarh along the Himalaya mountain ranges of Nepal and Bhutan, 8 hours on a ferry up the Brahamaputra to Pasighat, and then a two day drive to the put in just below Tuting.
Once at the top of the river, we would spend the next seven days heading down the river, rafting 180kms of this beautiful river.
We had a great group of lads and lasses on this trip, the weather was unreal and though the water was low, there were still those twenty foot waves that seemed to be in each rapid we went down. Some spots that where usually flat, now were big providing great entertainment.
Look forward to doing this trip again in the future. For info please contact Aquaterra Adventures.

Will let the photos say the rest. Enjoy.

Local man fishing with a boom net on the ferry ride up the Brahmaputra.

Local transportation.

The bamboo bridges that cross the river. All bridges were wiped out in the flood of 2000 when the river rose 150ft. Photo by Jam McManus.

Kayaking through Ninging rapid. Photo by Jam McManus.

Locals fishing for catfish and sucker fish. Made for an excellent snack before dinner.

Future Kayaker?

Looking back upstream at the last nights camp. Photo by Jam McManus.

Beautiful flowers.

Gappu enjoying an afternoon cup of Chai.

Local Adi tribes women doing traditional dancing.

Sanjay styling through one of the rapids. Photo by Jam McManus.

One of the kids who came by on the rest day.

Rana going for a nice hit on one of the smaller rapids. Photo by Jam McManus.
Photos by David Prothero
Copyright 2007


Anonymous said...

Great blog!

I just did a first raft descent of the Kameng elsewhere in Arunachal Pradesh last month.

Akoying T. was our local guide. You might have met him on the Siang.



Rafting Life said...


Cool man, I know Akoying he was helping out with the trip on The Siang. A friend of mine was on your trip as well. Anvesh was one of the guides. Sounded like an interesting trip.


Eric Nies said...

It's good to see people getting in on this amazing run. I was lucky enough to get here in '92 with Kim Hartlin (good man, Kim). Incredible culture, great rapids, great river. If you have the chance, get on this run.

Arunachal has all the river-running potential of Bhutan or Nepal. Just look at the Google earth images of this area--incredible.


Eric Nies

Trekking In India with Atul said...

Amazing pics.
Great photography
I wish, I would be there next season.

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