Friday, January 25, 2008

The South America Chapter

The Rio Manso, Argentina.

Author, suited up and on the way to the office.

After spending christmas at home in Canada. Seeing the family and hanging out with friends and doing a few runs down the lovely Puntledge river, including one run on the upper section, which has 9 beautiful slides and drops. After all the fun and festivies where over it was time to pack the bags again and make for the south. Destination the Futaleufu river.
After a good amount of flying through Chicago, Washington, down to Beuno Aires, then further south to San Carlos de Bariloche I was absolutlely knackered. This might also have something to do with the fact I had a bit of wine at the airport wine bar in Washington, DC.
So arriving in Bariloche, a town somewhat similar to Whistler or Queenstown, at New Years with no reservation for a hosteria was fairly interesting. Meeting up with the folks at Patagonia Rafting, I was able to get sorted out with a place just outside of town. At the same time I hooked up a kayak for a trip with the rafters on the Rio Manso.
The Rio Manso trip is about 100kms from Bariloche. It takes about 2 hours more or less on the water and goes through some great rock canyons with some grade 3-4 rapids. There is also the possiblitly for a 3 day self support kayak trip out to the pacific through Chile. That section is more grade 4-5 rapids.
The day finished with a great asado of grilled chicken, carne, and lamb with salad and wine. After that it was the drive back to Bariloche before continuning the journey down to Futaleufu. Enjoy the photos.

The top end of the Rio Manso is grade 2-3 for the first 30mins or so before picking up in some nice little canyons.

Santiago and myself hanging out in an eddy.

Rafters getting a bit wet.

In amongst one of the nice canyons.

Crusing along in the Gus.

Author, lining up for the next drop.

Santiago busting through one of the harder rapids.

The raft, shot from above, about to get a nice hit.

Drifting out the end, where we were met with horses to carry the rafts up to the van. Also the rafting section finishes up directly on the border with Chile.

Thanks for the photos by Rodrigo Connor, photographer for Patagonia Rafting.


Alexandre said...

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pourrais tu me donner ton mail pour que je te pause mes question merci beaucoup a l avance

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