Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Freddy going big at Magic Carpet.

The Rio Futaleufu

After getting down the Rio Manso, I headed off to the small town of Futaleufu just inside the Chilean border. One bus, a taxi and a short walk between the border of Argentina and Chile and then a ride hitched to town and I was there. 
I was dropped off at Casa Azul, where the company Futaleufu Explore is based. This is the company that I would be working for the next couple of months. Something that would come not to be. 
Over the next few weeks, I went kayaking, rafting, and catarafting on the Rio Futa and Rio Azul. Made some good friends, and managed to get down all the sections on the Futa. It is a pretty and powerful river. I was looking forward to when it got busier. 
Unfortunately at the end of January I dropped a cataraft, that myself and Alonzo were re flipping, on to my shoulder. Giving myself a dislocation, an alluvial fracture and some nerve and tendon damage. Thus ending my season.
I am now back in Canada working on some things here and trying to heal. 
See ya on the river

Santiago ready for the day.
Heading out for the start of day 3, Terminator to Casa de Piedra section.
Looking up to the top of Terminator rapid.
Josh punching through.
Freddy getting a good hit in the Himalayas.
The Lads just before the bridge to bridge

A little action at Mundaka.
Dave coming through the top part of Casa de Piedra.
Having a little dinner, Chilean time 10pm.

Arno hanging out in his new Diesel kayak

David heading down one of the last rapids on the Bridge to Bridge section.

Photos by David Prothero

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