Thursday, May 08, 2008

Surfing at Okisolo Tidal Rapid.

Coast Mountain Expeditions Discovery Lodge is a great place to base out of for the trip. Look forward to enjoying a hot sauna after a day on the wave.

Tired Of Lines at Skook, Head a little bit further north.

Last weekend I joined up with Shayne, Carrie, and Brian for a couple of days surfing at the Okisolo tidal rapids. This little known wave is located on the east coast of Vancover Island. To get there is a bit of a mission but as the photos will show it is well worth the effort. 
Head north from Nanaimo till you hit Campbell River, from there you head to Quadra Island by the quickest ferry going. Then a forty minute drive will have you at the Discovery Lodge with your hosts Lannie and Ralph Keller. 
We spent a couple of sunny days playing at the wave. It was running around 11 knots or 19kmph. This offered us lots of time to get the OC-1, sea, surf and whitewater kayaks out on the wave. Being not able to paddle afforded me lots of time to get get out and play with my camera and managed to shoot photos from a number of different locations and different angles. 
With time in the evenings being filled with food, drink, a couple of slideshows and a sauna. All in all a great way to spend the weekend. Have a look here to find a good flow.

Enjoy the photos from this great location 

Shayne trying out his luck in a pool above the rapid. No luck there, but pick up two good sized Ling Cod that evening. 

Our handy motorboat transport. A must to get to the wave. Takes about 15mins by boat.

 Albert Keller carving it up in a sea kayak.
Carrie Smith having some fun.

With only four people surfing, equals lots of time on the wave, Albert into his 10th minute on the wave.

Carrie Smith taken her little Rad for a ride in Surfers left. 

Brian in his C-1 having a go on the wave.

Taking a close out.

Albert Keller carving down the face.

Ladies and gentleman we have lift off.

Brian and Shayne on the tandem surf session.

Vollmers blunting when the wave is near the peak.

Brian making it look easy in Esquif "Spark".

Shayne watching the shoulder come down.

All photos copyright of Dave Prothero Photography c2008.


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Too bad about the photos --- why copywrite them? Otherwise great article.

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Last weekend I joined up with Shayne, Carrie, and Brian for a couple of days surfing at the Okisolo tidal rapids. This little known wave is ...

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