Friday, June 06, 2008

Slalom Demo, Puntledge Festival 08

On June 1st, Andrew Mylly, president of CKBC whitewater, organized a six gate slalom demo on the Tuslom river. This was done at the same time as the Puntledge River Festival. With almost thirty people participating in OC1 & 2's, C1m & w's and K1w & m's it was a great way to check out this demanding sport.
Thanks to Andrew for organizing this demonstration and leaving the gates on the Island so we can hold more of these events here.

Andrew Mylly heading over the starting line.

Andrew focused as he heads between one of the up stream gates.

Bob Bilco, in a C-1, carving his way between the gates.

Sharon Tomlinson getting ready to paddle the course.

Canoe results.

Kayak results.

Please click on the sheets to enlarge them, to see the times and who participated.
Look forward, maybe, to a race on the Puntledge for next year....?

Photos by David Prothero
Dave Prothero Photography c2008

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