Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kayaking Upper 12 Mile Creek, NZ

The other week myself and Simon Moreland got out for some sweet boating missions. After getting bumped off work as the Shotover was too high we decided to go boating on it. Running at a flow of 180cms it took us around an hour to paddle 16kms with some scouting of five rapids. We then hung around to see if work was on for the afternoon, finding ourselves bumped again, I then drove out to see if 12 mile creek was running at a lower flow then the morning.
Finding it running at a great flow we arranged to meet and do the forty minute walk in to the upper set of waterfalls and drops. Arriving at the top waterfall we played rock, paper, scissors to see who would go off first. Having lost, I set up to run the first drop, as Simon set safety and was ready with his video camera. I came in a bit slowly, landing flat and stalling at the bottom of the drop. After climbing out, I set up with my camera to get some shot's of Simon running the first waterfall. Wonderful drop, around 7m, this was the lead into a short canyon with another drop around 6m and a couple of shorter ones. Below is a wood filled canyon that involved some interesting paddling and short portages. Finishing off with a grade 2-3 paddle out to the road. Keep an eye out for wood on the whole thing.

Simon Moreland lauching at the first waterfall.

In the midst of the slide drop, a bit of water, small creek.

Simon about to go deep on the second waterfall.

The final drop of the gorge.

Paddling with trees all around. Reminding me of BC.
Simon sneaking underneath the trees, 12 Mile creek.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dave!
Just reading this freaks me out!!
Drop of 7m!!
That’s crazy...
The last picture looks nice though =)

Best regards from the snow!