Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Upper Shotover River, NZ

The other week myself, Jonno, Paul and Simon drove into the Upper Shotover. With the river running at 31cms it was going to be a great day of play. With lots of shallow ledges making some sweet features, and some sticky holes. The whole run is grade 2-3. This grade goes up a bit it the river is running up above 70-80cms. There are a few lovely eddy park and play spots and the whole run is through a beautiful gorge of mica-schist and small waterfalls coming in here and there.
Around some of the corners you can see some of the remanants of the old gold mining era. They mined on the river from 1862-1992, at which point there was a fifty year ban implemented. Getting toward the end of the run, which is around 9kms long, save some energy for the last and best play hole on the river. Bring some food and drink and make an afternoon of it here, as it is a deep, wide and fluffy spot to play.
Play safe out there.

David surfing up the RAD 185.

Checking out the old Quartz stamper on the banks of the Shotover river. Gold mining history close up.

David back surfing on one of the many small waves.

Simon blitzing it up in the NZ sunshine.

One of the beautiful waterfalls on the way down the run.

Simon throwing down in the last playhole, Upper Shotover.

Jonno surfing it up in a Huck, who says you need a playboat to have fun.

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