Monday, October 23, 2006

Shotover River, Gorge run, NZ

Well having been in NZ for a couple of weeks, I have been busy. I have managed a few runs down the Shotover, in a raft and kayak. Thought I would get some shots of the river with my sister's point and shoot nikon. I am hoping to get my 20D back soon as it was getting fixed in Canada.
Have been working for the past week or so, yeah. Back to taking rafts down the river. Almost my first trip down the river exciting going through toilet rapid sideways, but stayed upright. Fun river, lots of history and a 170m tunnel to go through always keeps you on your toes. Enjoy the photos.

Clients getting the safety briefing at Deep creek.

Iain leading the way through the Rock Garden rapid.

The next three photos are of the Mother section, which combines Miners revenge, Squeeze, Anvil, Toilet, Oh Shit, and Pinball. Makes for some fun and exciting rafting. Especially when there are 15 plus rafts going through.

Truck and Trailer rafting through Anvil rapid.

Heading through Toilet.

Down into Oh Shit.

After cruising through the 170m Oxenbridge tunnel, you have about 10 seconds till you run the guts of Cascade, where you will get wet for sure.

Photos by David Prothero

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