Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Nevis River, NZ

The other day I had the opportunity to join up with the lads and do the Nevis river. What an amazing river. This is one of the steeper creeks in NZ according to the guide book. After finishing up rafting on the shotover, drove out to meet with the boys, leaving my car at the takeout. We then proceeded up to drive up to Ben Nevis Station where we were able to stay in the shearers quarters.
Had some amazing views looking down toward Cromwell and out toward Mt. Cook. Waking up in the morning to a freezing cold day, frost on the ground, blue skys and a good flow of about 15cms. A quick breakfast and thanks to our hosts at the station we were off and on the river at 9am.
Ran the first 2.5kms before coming to a nasty looking drop which we portaged on the right with use of throwbags and were hoping that the whole river wasn't going to be like that. Turned out it wasn't. Lots of chutes, cascades and drops led the way as we made it down to a massive drop where we had lunch. Then we continued down through a steeper section as we ran down to the Kawarua. Beautiful stuff. Ran through Citroen rapid to make the day complete. Enjoy the photos.

Looking out to Cromwell and Mt. Cook.

The Team left to right: Graham Dawson, Danny Noblett,
Colin Hamilton and David Prothero.

The first portage around a nasty place.

Colin coming through a fun one.

David trying to stay dry.

Dawson charging on down the Nevis river.

Scouting Freight Train, looks good.

Colin in the midst of it.

Colin coming off the end of Freight Train.

David heading downstream on the Nevis.

Danny boofing another drop.

David running down a narrow slot.

The boys stopped for lunch above a big one.

Danny at the top of triple drop.

In the middle.

Exiting out of triple drop, before heading down to little and big brother.

All photos copyright of Fat Cats Productions, 2006

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