Sunday, October 22, 2006

Waikaia River, NZ

The Waikaia river was a lucky one for me as, I went into the rafting base out on Arthurs point trying to go kayaking and the Shotover was above the rafting cut off. Just having a coffee and these three lads show up with kayaks loaded heading off to do it, so myself and Iain throw are gear in and off we go for the two and half hour drive to Piano Flats. After leaving the car we all cram into Colins van and drive up toward the locked gate. A little over halfway to the locked gate we were blocked by a tree. Normally a twenty minute walk to the put in point at the bridge now became a little bit over an hour. The tree looked fairly fresh and has probably now been removed.
The river was brown colored and had 25cms, which was a good medium flow. We met up with another group from Dunedin while on the river, I still remember the guy coming up and saying that the tunnel was all good. I was like, tunnel, what tunnel? Turned out to be a little hole in the rocks and then a 4.5m drop out the other side. What a way to start a river. Enjoy the photos.

Iain taking advantage of a slide on the way in to the Waikaia.

Graham and David arriving at the locked gate, 20mins still to go, all down hill. Notice small print.

Danny Noblett cruising through the tunnel at the start of the Waikaia.

David landing off the 4.5m drop on the other side of the Tunnel.

Looking upstream in the midst of the Waikaia.

Graham Dawson running one of the bigger drops of the Waikaia.

Danny having a sweet boof down one of the drops.

Colin Hamilton on the run out of the above drop.

Over all the Waikaia was a beautiful river full of moss covered boulders and some great drops, would recommend it if your in the area and it has some flow.

Photos copyright of Fat Cats Productions.

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