Friday, October 20, 2006

Rangitata River, NZ

Having arrived in NZ, I gathered all my gear, threw it in my recently purchased 1985 Honda Shuttle and headed out to the Rangitata valley. As it was on the way to Queenstown, it made for a easy stop. This is the area where part of the second lord of the rings filming was done. It is situated in a beautiful valley before charging down a short gorge at the end of the rafting section.

I was able to get up to the top of valley with the rafting company, Ranigtata Rafts, I hit the river at a fairly good flow of 120cms, made for some nice hits in the kayak and we had a huge tail wind that day. Beautiful river for my first one on the South Island. Here's to many more.

Shane Hewitt and Steve Anderson heading down to the gorge.

Dave Prothero heading through Rooster Tail before the gorge.

Shane Hewitt dropping into Rooster Tail.

The crew about to get wet.

Steve Anderson heading through the middle of the gorge.

The always popular jump rock on the Rangitata river.

Steve Anderson and crew surfing it up, Rangitata river.

All Photos, Copyright of Jason Walker, October 2006.

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