Sunday, April 30, 2006

Season end on the Ganges

Author, photo by Neelendra Singh

Well after two months on the Ganges river the time is now at an end. We are leaving here holy banks for a new river. Off to the Tons river tomorrow. Looking forward to new adventures on a river river, in a new area of India. As I am signing off on this area, I will leave with some pictures take from the season here. Look forward to posting some photos and stories in a few months time about that area.

Bheem smashing his raft through the top wave of Golf Course, Ganges river

Author bow stalling InaZone 240 at Aquaterra camp, Ganges river. Photo by Neelendra Singh
Bheem in the midist of it Golf Course rapid, Ganges river.
Lighting storm, bank of the Ganges river, India

Bolts of lighting down the valley toward RIshikesh.

Eliane running the guts of the wave at Golf Course, Ganges river.

Vegatable Market, Rishikesh, India

Kieran running the last big hit in the Wall rapid, Ganges river.

Kieran heading down the Ganges river

Young school girls in Rishikesh.

Photos by David Prothero


Kieran said...

Hey bro
Just got to Delhi, checking out your blog and thought I'd say what up.
Hope you've had that coffee for me .
Drop me a mail so I have yours.

Anonymous said...

Hey David,
just chanced upon your blog here... thanx for the photo credits,mate!!!
how's life with you? you're still around in India?

Neelendra Singh-Neel

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Great photos! All's well in Comox.

Deb & Al