Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Ahansal River, Morocco

The first night camp at Cathedral.

For the months of March and April I was working for water by nature on the Ahansal river in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco.
This is a pretty beautiful spot with lots of grade three rapids and some beautiful canyons to float through, some spots being less then 18ft wide. With a total of eight trips down the river, a few of these rowing a 18ft gear cataraft and the others running 3 day trips from below the village of Touliquite.
We would pick clients up in Marakech and then drive up to the river where we would begin the travel down this beautiful river. On some of the trips we would stop off at a 100m waterfall for a tagine.
Good times as it is "always sunny" in Morocco.

Enjoying a fire after a days rafting on the Ahansal river.

First night camp on the three day trips.

Some friendly creatures you could meet, though this is the only one that I heard about on my trips.

Enjoying some snacks after a hard day on the river.

Dave and Howard sneaking a bridge.

Entering into the third canyon on the last day of rafting.

Relaxing for a moment as we work our way through the surprise.

The surprise is where the river pushes debris down and the wind pushes it back up to form a wall of logs and silt. Pretty amazing but a bit of work to get through.

Taking the "speed boat" back across the lake.

The other option to the "speed boat" to going across the lake.

The closest big town of Ohourzat.

Back to the real world heading off to Marakech after cleaning the gear.

Lake Bin-el-Ouidane, the finishing point of the rafting.


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