Monday, June 25, 2007

Rafting the Coruh river, Eastern Turkey

Just crossing the Coruh river at one of the highest levels in ten years.

Enjoying a turkish sunset over the hills.

Arriving in Turkey was great. The food is great in this country. I loved the Ascanda kebab which was a dish we ate a lot in Erzurum. Also the amount of rivers to do here with good access and quality whitewater was awesome.

Part of the Ottoman hospitality at chai shops, Haman's, shops, and barbers. The chai would come to you. Loveth thy Chai!

Lots of work going on getting organized for the first trip on the Coruh. As with any trip this season there where a few missions to be had. Van repairs, tires to fix, booze to buy, food to get, pack all the gear in the van and trailer. Once loaded off to the airport past the Otel Oral to pick up the clents. Then a three hour drive or so depending on the missions to the first night camped on the banks of the mighty Coruh. Driving over the pass to see how high the river was this year was interesting, making a few new plans.
Once on the water things went quickly, and I mean quickly as on both the Coruh and the Barhal we clocked the rafts at over 20 miles an hour. Marc, who was video kayaking, punched it in at a bit over 25 to stay ahead of the rafts.
Enjoy the photos of this area as it is beautiful check out Water By Nature to see a short video clip of the first trip.

Beautiful hillsides surrounding the Coruh valley.

Hard at work in the kitchen, notice beverages supplyed bottom left.

Hanging out on the banks of the Coruh.

Some pretty poppy's near the Coruh

Enjoying lunch in the sun on day 1!
Video boater Marc Gacond shooting some footage of high water Yusufeli gorge.

Through the looking glass. Photo by Kiwi Marc.

Rafts on the Coruh. Photo by Stu.

First rapid on entrace to Yusufeli Gorge. There is usually a rock showing here.

A place locked in the whitewater history of the Coruh. Where we stay for a couple of nights on the multi day trips.

Hamish at the oars doing safety on the Coruh river, Turkey. Photo by Stu.

First trip of the season. Neville playing in the snow.

Driving from Ezurum to Ispir, past some beautiful places.

Enjoying the campinf lifestyle inside the fairydown tents. NZ made of course.
Photos by David Prothero


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