Monday, June 25, 2007

Morocco to Turkey by Transit van

Self Portrait after a swim in the Aegean sea.
After two months in Morocco, myself, Ollie, Ryan and Sophie headed off in the Transit van for Turkey. Now this was going to be another one of those missions, as we where losing Ollie just north of Barcelona and Ryan a day or so later in Nice. After that it was myself and Sophie sharing the driving through the rest of France, Italy and Greece.
What a drive, saw some beautiful country side, enjoyed the hospitality of the locals, like when the trailer broke in half in northern Greece. We where luckily 2kms from a garage that welded it back together again. Also in Greece finding some of the best pizza I have had in 12yrs. The best hospitality we had though was when we stayed in Italy for a couple of days at Donatellas place in Lerici. While we Where there travelling to Pisa, over to Lucca and paddling on the Rio Lima at very low water. She introduced us to some of the paddlers in the area and we ate some excellent Italian food, drank some great Italian wine. A great spot to check out if you are in the area.

The poppy's in Italy.

After ten days of driving we arrived in Istanbul. Spent a day there and then where off to Eastern Turkey and the mighty Coruh river.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.
The vegetable markets of Pisa.
The Transit van our transport and sleeping headquarters.
After taking the ferry from Italy to Greece we drove through the mountains out of Igoumenitsa.
The lucky find, pushing the trailer into get fixed after we had dragged it for 2kms when the tow bar broke off the bottom of the trailer and landed on the brake lines. All done in two hours.
Nuclear Power Plant.
Pizza, best I have had in 12yrs bar none. Sophie digging in.
We made it crossing into Turkey after going through the border with Greece.
Photos by David Prothero.

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