Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Cameron River Vancouver Island

Cameron River

Located on the way to Port Alberni on Vancouver Island. This is a great creek. The call came from Shayne Vollmers that it would be running around 5-6 on the gauge. This is a very nice level for the Cameron. Provides nice consistent cushioning and nice flow so you can bomb down a lot of stuff. We met up at the gas station just outside Qualicum. Picked up a bit of fuel(read coffee) and we were on our way. Read through the rest of the story by pictures. Little write ups under some.

Filling up at the local gas station. Coffee to go, habitat loaded.
Dan Dunn ready to go for a paddle. View of the take out.
Steve Hunt hiking into the put in. About 30 ft up the road.
The lads on the river with a view of snow covered Mt Arrowsmith in the background.

Dan Dunn on Corner rapid.
Shayne Vollmers on Slot drop
View from above, Steve Hunt running it in style. Love this little Tokina lens and watershed drybags which keep all my gear dry.
The logs which we were a bit interested to see where they ended up. This is where I landed my 8th roll of the day.
Steve Hunt on line and in control.
View at the last raid of the day. Final exam on the Lower Cameron, Dan Dunn rollin through.
Steve Hunt finishing the hike out of the Cameron… where is the elevator? Beautiful forest to hike through.
Dave Prothero heading off to run shuttle…

© 2010 Dave Prothero Photoography/Rafting Life

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