Friday, March 26, 2010

SRT weekend with Raven Rescue

Swiftwater Rescue Training

Two weekends ago I had the opportunity to audit my SRT course on the island. Raven Rescue was running a course down near Parksville. I had just finished my Health Care Course so the timing worked well. 
I jumped in my car and following Craig's directions arrived at the Englishan river in the morning just south of Parksville. The morning we spent with some dry land throw bagging and working on different scenarios. The afternoon was spent getting wet. Always my favorite part of the class.
The next day was spent on the Nanaimo river. There is a great little corner set of rapids which are great for praticing different rescue techniques. We spent the morning working on different anchor systems and mechanical advantage systems. Then we spent some time swimming in the Nanimo river. There is one sweet spot to pratice geting recirclated in a hole, which provided some great entertainment.
Great to get out and work on some rescue skills.

Picutres following the read more…cheers

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