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Vancouver Island Fall Season

Vancouver Island 2009 Fall Season

The Author and Joe Box looking back up stream after the 2nd drop on Stotan Falls. One more slide to go before the finish. Then it is on to the play. Photo by Jakub Drnec.

Jakub Drnec running the first drop on Stotan Falls on the Puntledge river. Courtenay BC, Vancouver Island.

Well it has been a good season over on the west coast. Finally getting back into paddling after a year and a half off the river due to a broken shoulder, this fall has been pretty good. Huge flows on the puntledge. Some adventuring with a river board, taking my new Wavesport Habitat 80 down a number of runs a couple of new sections, a new river. Some waterfalls and lots of photography. All in all has been sweet.
Here you will find a number of photos showcasing a number of runs. A little write up about each will be included as well.
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Annie Lagueux running one of the drops on the flood run of the Gordon river on the southern west coast of the San Juan Pennisualia. If you want to do an amazing run with 4 different sections. This is classic paddling. Wonderful grade 3-5…depending on the flow. Some waterfalls.

Gillian Box Running one of the rapids on the Lower Ash river. This is a infrequently run river till this year when a number of groups have hit up the upper and lower section. Check out some footage by Ryan Bayes here.

One of my favourite rivers on the island is in my backyard. The Puntledge provides easy access a great playboat section with a nice section of 9 class 3-5 slides on the top section. Here is Dan Dunn going for a loop at Tarp and Play. This is the main spot people paddle at the Puntledge Festival which is upcoming this May 28-30.

Here is Jakub Drnec and Joe Box having a play in the hole with the New Jackson Dynamic Duo. Check out this link to see more of it in action. Had a paddle down the lower puntledge in it and found it to be quite exciting and easy to control.
Another classic on the Island is the Nanaimo river, with a number of different sections. Here is Shayne Vollmers dropping through one of the holes on the lower section of the river.

The group hiking out after a good day on the Nanaimo river.
Close by to Nanaimo… in fact in the downtown core, about 2mins from the bus station is the Millstone river. This is a photo by Shayne Vollmers of the Author running off this nice little downtown drop.

More updates to come.

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