Thursday, September 07, 2006

3rd Expedition down the Tons River.

Local Fisherman on the banks of the Tons river.

An Oakley perspective of rafting.

The beginning of the trip, getting the rafts to the river.

This June, Aquaterra Adventures, in conjunction with Ultimate Descents put on Outward Bound Hong Kong's staff trip down the Tons River. This wasn't the normal run, this was the section that had only been run twice as a commercial endeavor before. Putting in 15kms above camp and taking out 80kms below at Icchhari Dam was going to make for a fun five day trip. I couldn't think of a better way to end my season.
The only unfortunate thing was that the water was down to a low level. We managed to make do, rafting 94 kms of grade 2-4+ whitewater in five days, catching it just before it dropped even more.
We had a great crew of instructors from Outward Bound Hong Kong, lots of fun, A few bottles of rum, Some hail storms, A bit of sunshine, A few bloody brilliant tackles, some football, Frisbee, and excellent food. Even a couple of flips on the river to keep it all interesting. Enjoy the photos.

The morning set up of chai and breakfast.

The first rapid on the first day, let the excitement begin.

Raft charging through Khunigad rapid(Murderous Stream).

Kahan Singh boofing Tardiar Rapid, Tons River

Bishnu and Rana R-2ing a raft down Tardiar.

The 14th century Honol Temple.

The rapid below the temple, also know as Honol.

Getting amongst it on one of the longer rapids.

Anvesh driving through a big one above the town of Tuni.

Avilash and crew saying hello to some rocks near the town of Tuni.

Raft cruising past some of the wicked geology on the lower Tons.

A local observer checking out the rafting from above.

Kieran Wallace dropping into the Chute.

Anvesh running the right side of a raid on the Lower Tons.

David running through the top half of Major Suprise. Photo by Kieran Wallace.

Through the Guts of Major Suprise. Photo by Kieran Wallace.

At Icchhari Dam after five days on the river.
What a great Trip. Check it and others out at

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