Sunday, September 10, 2006

Kayaking the Tons River.

The last couple of posts have dealt with rafting down the Tons river. The Tons, however, is also a great place to go kayaking.
With four sections ranging between 10 - 40kms in length there is lots to do. The upper Section from Netwar down to the rafting put- on, is the steeper section with a couple of solid grade 4+ drops and lots of 3-4 stuff inbetween. The upper is about 6kms in length. Below that you have the normal run for about 15kms of grade 2-4 down to Khunigad. This is the normal rafting run and makes for a nice introductory run. From Khunigad rapid down to Tuni you have the Middle Tons, which has some nice steep rapids from grade 3-4+(depending on flow) in a deeper canyon that takes you away from the road, this section covers almost 30kms. Lastly you have the Lower Tons which covers from Tuni down to Icchhari Dam. This section can be broken into two days with some excellent sand beaches for camping along the way. Also can be done in a long single day as the shuttle takes a while. Pool drop grade 3 with a couple of fours thrown in here and there in a beautiful gorge, with some amazing geology make for an excellent trip. This section covers about 40kms.
Below are some kayaking shots from different places on the river. Enjoy.

The first big rapid on the Tons below Netwar.

Bishnu enjoying the high flows on the Tons.

Kayaker rescue on the Honol Temple rapid, Tons River.

Kieran Wallace in the midst of it, Tons River.

Eliane running one of the chutes at Tardiar, Tons River.

Kieran Wallace running down the bottom of Tardiar Rapid.

Eliane Ruscher in the lead up to Khunigad rapid, Tons River.

Dharmendra seeing what's ahead, Tons River.

Mr. Kalai

Kahan Singh free and clear at Tardiar, Tons River.

Kieran taking a break below the constriction.

Nick Clegg squirting his creek boat on the middle Tons.

Rana charging down the guts of Khunigad rapid.

Kahan Singh running through constriction rapid, Tons River.

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