Friday, September 15, 2006

Kayaking the Checkamus River

This summer some friends took me down some sections of the Checkamus river near Whistler BC that I hadn't done before. The only bad thing about them was you couldn't drink the water, also advisable to have a shower after getting home, as you paddled past the sewage outlet for whistler. Adds another grade probably?
With two nice 15ft waterfalls and some other interesting drops and log jams to paddle under. These were nice after work runs with people who knew them. The Daisy Lake section probably being one of the more committing. Here are some shots of the Upper Checkamus water fall, Balls to the Wall falls, and a Log jam on the Middle Checkamus. Enjoy

David shooting out the bottom of the first waterfall. Photo by Graz.

Graz and Max heading under the waterfall on the middle Checkamus.
Wouldn't want the water to high here.

Graz flying off Balls to the Wall on the Checkamus.

Max takes flight, Checkamus river.

Max and Graz head into the mini Canyon below the falls, Checkamus river.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey David

Great pictures you have here, your life seems to be like one big adventure!
Our river here in Iceland seems so boring compared to those on the pictures, but at least the water is very clean and you can drink it if you want =)
I wanted to see one good picture of you though, to see how you look like now since its more then 2 years since you left Iceland!
Have a nice trip to New Zealand!!+