Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rafting in the Whistler/Squamish area

Well, now finished my second summer at Wedge Rafting.
After finishing up in India I headed straight, with a quick stop on Vancouver Island, to Whistler. I spent loads of days rafting in the last two months on four different rivers. The Green and Birkenhead for most of July with the Birkenhead and Elaho- Squamish and Lower Checkamus taking up most of August. All in all a good season. Also got to get out on the Upper, Middle and Daisy lake run of the Checkamus, Callaghan creek, upper and lower Soo river for kayaking. Below I have attached a few photos from the Birkenhead and Squamish rivers. Soon to be more. Enjoy.

Floating to the getout point, Squamish river.

Looking up at the Weeping Wall falls and Ashlu icefield, Squamish river.

Looking back toward Mt. Cayley, Squamish river.

Loading the gear onto the Wedge van for the Elaho-Squamish river trip.

Not into rafting? Well here is the adult play park of Whistler Mountain Biking.

Rafting down the Squamish river with Mt. Kaley in the background.

Max the safety kayaker, relaxing on the Elaho.

A view of Mt. Garibaldi, Squamish River.

Heading up the river for a swim, Birkenhead river.


DSD said...

Hi David,
I was surfing about on rafting and discovered your blog. Great pictures and detail! Good to hear that you must be enjoying Canada too. Check out the rivers east as well. Fine rafting on the Kicking Horse, Red Deer, and Ottawa swiftwaters. Let me know if you find any cobblestones!
"Summit Stones & Adventure Musings" by DSD at

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